Health IT System Concept of Operations (CONOPS)


Advancements in information technology (IT) have facilitated communication, information sharing, and operational coordination between healthcare providers and emergency response partners. However, accurate real-time data on the U.S. healthcare system’s capacity and resource needs are largely absent during a disaster response. Under a scenario in which the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) is activated for combat casualty care, the interoperability of IT systems will be critical to maintain regional situational awareness, manage bed capacity, and conduct patient tracking throughout the continuum of care.

This study is assessing the feasibility, suitability, and acceptability of IT systems during a full-scale activation of the NDMS. In collaboration with the federal interagency partners and the five NDMS Pilot sites, the NDMS Pilot Program is developing a comprehensive health IT system concept of operations (CONOPS). The CONOPS will define a shared vision of employing an integrated network of health IT systems to efficiently track patient movement, record treatment of military patients, and accurately inform healthcare capacity and capability requirements for real-time medical situational awareness. This work will culminate with an NDMS Health IT System Requirements study that identifies, defines, and validates the end-to-end requirements for a comprehensive NDMS health IT system (that integrates relevant federal, regional, and local IT systems) to support patient management, regulation, and tracking from point of injury to final disposition for a military patient wounded during overseas combat operations.

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