Partners & Affiliates of the National Center for Disaster Medicine and Public Health

Advancing medicine and public health in disasters is an inherently multi-agency and multi-disciplinary mission. It requires trusted partnerships and sustained collaboration. To achieve this mission, we have established a variety of partner and affiliate programs to bring knowledge and excellence to bear in disasters whenever and wherever it may be needed. Featured partnerships include our Senior Advisors, Visiting Scholars, and Operational Impact Fellows programs.

The Senior Advisors program is designed for current and former senior leaders in government that may share their knowledge and experience in disasters and help inform the strategic direction of the National Center. The Visiting Scholars program is designed for early- to mid-career professionals inside and outside of government. Scholars help imagine and develop research projects conducted at the National Center with federal interagency partners over a one- to three-year period. Projects are meant to advance health readiness for disasters. The Operational Impact Fellows program is designed for early career scientists and operators that have demonstrated exceptional performance in their respective fields. Over the course of a two-year fellowship, scientists and operators help train each other and come together to work on some of the Nation’s most challenging operational research questions.

For more information on our partner and affiliate programs, you may email us at: