Decisions to Impact

An evidence-base alone will not deliver an effective medical and public health response in disasters. Operational effectiveness and efficiency are required to move from evidence-based decisions to impact in the field. The operational research of the National Center, therefore, serves as the lynchpin between our Science and Education Missions and is designed to deliver impact in the fields of medicine and public health. To support these efforts, the National Center has established a Field Operational Research Team (FORT) model that can be deployed at the speed of response. Teams are comprised of leading experts in science, operations, and education from across the Nation, and can be mobilized by the National Center in times of crisis and in direct support of our federal interagency partners.

Featured work under the Operations Mission of the National Center include a Congressionally directed effort to assess and strengthen the National Disaster Medical System (i.e., the NDMS Pilot Program), and operational research in open-source intelligence gathering focused on the public health aspects of the Israel-Gaza conflict.