The NCDMPH leads federal, and coordinates national efforts to develop and propagate core curricula, education, training and research in all-hazards disaster health.

To that end, the NCDMPH is involved in a number of efforts related to knowledge and learning in disaster health.

  1. Contributing to a set of core competencies in disaster medicine and public health for all health professionals
  2. Providing resources linked to each of the core competencies for training and self-directed learning
  3. Initiating the steps toward establishing a pediatric disaster competency-based education and training program
  4. Compiling resources regarding current disasters and public health emergencies to foster Resilience through Learning
  5. Creating an annotated bibliography to highlight resources related to learning in disaster health.
  6. Addressing the challenge of building and maintaining disaster related learning by health professionals in a resource-constrained environment in "Capturing the Range of Learning: Implications for Disaster Health in a Resource Constrained Future"
  7. Offering suggestions for standardizing and aligning the building blocks of disaster health competency models
  8. Participating in and observing a number of exercises designed to improve all-hazards response

Through these efforts, the NCDMPH is working toward a nation of resilient communities.