Pediatric Disaster Preparedness

Because children make up approximately 25 percent of the nation's population and have unique needs during a disaster, responders need to have the proper pediatric education and training for dealing with the preparedness, response and recovery issues specific to this vulnerable population.

Based on recommendations from the National Commission on Children in Disasters , NCDMPH has taken an initial step toward planning a competency-based pediatric disaster health curriculum. This plan commenced with the Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Curriculum Development Conference held in March 2011. Details of the recommendations and proceedings are included in the conference report.

Following the conference, NCDMPH convened a Federal panel to provide input on pediatric learning modules. Since the Federal panel, NCDMPH and subject matter experts created accredited and peer-reviewed online lessons and materials.

NCDMPH also developed Curriculum Recommendations for Disaster Health Professionals: The Pediatric Population, a peer-reviewed set of curriculum recommendations designed to aid disaster educators that focus on children. The National Center continues its dedication to serve this vulnerable population and is currently working towards completing a radiation case-activity focused on pediatric concerns.