To effectively improve the knowledge and learning of all-hazards health responders, the NCDMPH believes it is necessary to conduct Field Research as a means of getting "boots on the ground" experience and collecting data.

The NCDMPH is currently engaged in a number of Field Research projects, including:

Current Research:

  1. A case-study analysis of and report on existing successful healthcare coalitions to identify possible opportunities to improve education and training of disaster medicine and health concepts.
  2. An assessment of learning needs of the disaster health workforce in long-term recovery through community-level analysis to reveal community leaders' perceptions of the following: their community recovery progress, the successes and challenges during recovery, and applicable education and training for pre and post-disaster communities.
  3. CDC funded study with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the State of Maryland's Department of Health to examine and enhance public health workers' sense of efficacy toward Hurricane Sandy Recovery.

Previous Research:

  1. A case-study, field study and subsequent report detailing a comprehensive assessment of three specific subgroups of the nation's disaster health workforce.
  2. A previous collaboration with Operation Continuing Promise with the goal of assessing and improving the disaster knowledge of its medical personnel and applying those findings to domestic response

Through research activities, the NCDMPH is able to gain a broad understanding of the disaster health education and training landscape in order to inform the development of educational content--it is translational.