NDMS Pilot Program Staff

Captain Eric Deussing, MD, MPH, FACPM, MC, US Navy | Director

Captain Eric Deussing, MD, MPH, FACPM, MC, US Navy, Director

Email: eric.deussing@usuhs.edu
CAPT Deussing leads the MCNIS Team and strategically guides the DoD’s NDMS Pilot Program. He has served in both operational and strategic leadership roles, overseeing enterprise-wide medical preparedness, global health security, and public health response programs. He most recently served as the DoD Liaison to the US centers for Disease Control

Michelle Kimball, MS, CEM | Deputy Director for Healthcare Partnerships and Planning

Michelle Kimball

Email: michelle.kimball.ctr@usuhs.edu
Ms. Kimball has extensive experience in civilian healthcare emergency preparedness, international disaster response, and public health emergency preparedness. She also brings 18 years of US Army Reserves medical operations and planning experience to the MCNIS team, to include operational planning for the Puget Sound Federal Coordinating Center.

Victoria Klimczak, Program Manager

Victoria Klimczak | Program Manager

Email: victoria.klimczak.ctr@usuhs.edu
Ms. Klimczak has contributed to numerous National Center projects including Crisis Symposium, Stop the Bleed Initiative, and is now Program Manager on the MCNIS Team. As the MCNIS Program Manager, she provides administrative oversight and is responsible for finance, personnel management, and contracts supporting the NDMS Pilot Program.

Allyson Sison, MA, Special Projects Administrator II

Allyson Sison, MA, Senior Program Coordinator

Email: allyson.sison.ctr@usuhs.edu
Ms. Sison brings local-level public health emergency preparedness experience with program coordination and response to her role on the MCNIS Team. She provides a wide range of administrative duties and programmatic support for the NDMS Pilot Program.

Commander Mike Klemann, MSC, US Navy | Principal Deputy Director

Commander Mike Klemann, MSC, US Navy

Email: michael.klemann@usuhs.edu

CDR Klemann is the Principal Deputy Director for the DoD’s NDMS Pilot Program. He has served in Strategic, Operational and Joint roles, developing and overseeing integrated global response capabilities for Global Patient Movement and Force Health Protection, as well as Medical Operations at the Navy Medicine Headquarters. His most recent assignment was with the US Transportation Command, Scott AFB, where he led the Global Patient Movement Integration Cell.

Drew Naumann, NRP| Strategy & Operations Specialist, Partnerships and Planning

Drew Naumann, NRP

Email: andrew.naumann.ctr@usuhs.edu

Mr. Naumann has over 16 years of experience in emergency medical services, public health leadership, and military medicine. His role at NCDMPH is to advise the NDMS Pilot team on issues related to strategy, operations, and the military planning process. 

Gabriela House-Lee | Program Manager, Partnerships and Planning

Gabriela House-Lee

Email: gabriela.house-lee.ctr@usuhs.edu
Ms. House-Lee brings direct patient care and state-level public health program coordination experience to
her role on the NDMS Pilot team, in addition to six years of Army National Guard experience. As the
Senior Outreach Coordinator for the Partnerships and Planning team of the NDMS Pilot, she develops and
coordinates outreach strategies and events, and fosters collaborative and strategic partnerships.

Kimberly Gill, Ph.D. | Senior Research Scientist III, Operational Research

Kimberly Gill, Ph.D.

Email: kimberly.gill.ctr@usuhs.edu

Dr. Gill is a sociologist with 20 years of research, evaluation, teaching and applied experience in the public health aspects of disaster. She serves as Senior Research Scientist on the NDMS Pilot Program to implement and coordinate quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research that generates new knowledge in the fields of disaster medicine and public health.

Clark Lee, JD, MPH, CPH | Research Associate III, Operational Research

Clark Lee, JD, MPH, CPH

Email: clark.lee.ctr@usuhs.edu

Mr. Lee is the lead Research Associate for the NDMS Pilot Program. He brings over 15 years of experience as a public health and safety researcher, and over 12 years of experience as a public health emergency planner and preparedness consultant. His interests include the application of mixed methods research approaches to evaluating and improving public health and health care emergency preparedness programs, as well as the use of legal and policy interventions to promote public health and safety. 

Adeteju Adeniji, MPH, CMHC | Research Project Administrator, Operational Research

Adeteju Adeniji, MPH, CMHC

Email: adeteju.adeniji.ctr@usuhs.edu

Ms. Adeniji brings an abundance of state-level public health emergency preparedness experience to the Pilot. Her understanding of health promotions research and program planning and implementation enables the accomplishment of her role as the Research Project Administrator on the NDMS Pilot team. In this capacity, she provides a plethora of administrative responsibilities and aids in the scoping and fulfillment of research activities for the NDMS Pilot Program.

William (Wills) Sizemore, MS | Military NDMS Consultant

William (Wills) Sizemore, MS

Email: willsize2@aol.com

Mr. Sizemore brings over 30 years of experience as a US Army medical support planner and operator. He also has 5 years’ experience as the Defense Support to Civilian Authorities Subject Matter Expert for the Defense Health Agency including extensive coordination with other Federal Agencies on the Department of Defense participation in NDMS.

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