Military-Civilian NDMS
Interoperability Study (MCNIS)

The Military-Civilian NDMS Interoperability Study (MCNIS) is Phase I of the NDMS Pilot Program. MCNIS is designed to identify the issues, needs, and best practices of the NDMS. The study findings will be used to develop an implementation plan with actionable recommendations for the Pilot.

Research Approach

  1. Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis
    • Understand the problem (broadly across NDMS)
    • Conduct facilitated discussions with partners (Interagency, DoD, Civilian healthcare leaders)
  2. Quantitative Data Collection and Analysis
    • Clarify the problem and prioritize solutions (site specific)
    • Distribute an online survey to as many as 180 partners NDMS
  3. Qualitative Review of Data
    • Validate preliminary MCNIS results
    • Frame implementation plan components with key partners
  4. Report Implementation Plan Development
    • Understand the problem (Broadly– NDMS)
    • Develop and publish a Report the Congress and the NDMS Pilot Program Implementation Plan


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