Employment Opportunities

The Hentry M. Jackson Foundation (HJF) is seeking a 

  • Strategic and Operational Planning Expert : This role will provide strategic and operational planning for the MCNIS. Primary responsibilities include: prioritize initiatives, building operational plans, and specifying measurable outcomes in a strategic planning process. To find out more and to apply Click Here
  • Senior Strategic Communications Officer: This role  will design, implement, and manage a strategic communication plan for the overall National Center, aligned with its mission and vision. This position will directly support NCDMPH programs. At this time the majority of programmatic support will be provided to the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) Pilot. This position will lead strategic communications for NCDMPH’s National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) Pilot by designing, implementing, and managing the NDMS Pilot’s strategic communication plan, products, and engagements with Congressional, Federal, military, and civilian leaders and partners. To find out more and to apply Click Here
  • Senior Research Scientist III: This role will implement and coordinate rigorous, quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research techniques and activities that generate new ideas, hypotheses, approaches, and knowledge in disaster medicine and public health in accordance with scientific integrity. Specifically, the role develops and coordinates scholarly works such as literature reviews, peer-reviewed journal articles, reports, book chapters, and conference presentations as products of the NDMS Pilot’s / MCNIS’s core research areas of medical surge capability and capacity. The position also coordinates the identification of future research goals, objectives, proposals, and deliverables. The role contributes to growing NCDMPH’s research portfolio through the identification and procurement of funding. To find out more and to apply Click Here
  • Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Expert : This role will  support the NDMS Pilot by assessing strengths and gaps in the military-civilian health system; and providing healthcare preparedness and emergency management expertise while serving as a liaison to expand growing partnerships and collaborations between agencies and civilian health entities.  To find out more and to apply Click Here
  • Special Project Administrator II :   Performs a wide range of administrative duties in support of program operations. Provides administrative project oversight to maximize the effective use of project resources. Specific tasks include: coordination of meetings, travel, creating and editing documents, and administrative coordination of financial and contractual documents.  To find out more and to apply Click Here
  • Research Associate III :  This role will perform complex quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods data collection, management, analysis, interpretation, and visualization, verifies, and corrects data to ensure accuracy. The role organizes and conducts literature reviews and writes initial results. The position writes and assists with preparation and submission of research results for manuscript development and publication in peer-reviewed journals. The Research Associate 3 assists with research project compliance with human research protections (Institutional Review Board) and other federal regulatory issues (such as PRA if applicable), by drafting and submitting research proposals to the IRB, monitoring the eIRB process, and managing all follow-on and follow-up actions. The position assists with creating presentations (PowerPoint and other media) and written reports to convey and summarize complicated, detailed information.  To find out more and to apply Click Here