Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Curriculum Development Conference

Report Forward

A PDF Icon pdf version of the report is available for your convenience.

A diverse group of thought-leaders lent their considerable expertise to the Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Curriculum Development Conference (see Appendix C for attendee list).

The report authors would like to extend our particular thanks to those who took a leadership role in the planning and execution of the conference:

PEDS Cover

Group Leaders
ED/Hospital: Steven E. Krug, MD
EMS/First Responder: David Markenson, MD
Ambulatory: Scott Needle, MD

Team Leaders
Public Health: Kenneth W. Schor, DO, MPH
Mental Health: David Schonfeld, MD
CBRNE: Fred Henretig, MD; Sheldon Kaplan, MD; John Perentesis, MD

Andrew Garrett, MD, MPH
Gregg Lord, MS
Yuri Milo, MD
Merritt 'Chip' Schreiber, PhD
Richard Serino
Kevin Yeskey, MD

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