Adult Learning

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A major component of improving disaster health education and training is taking a closer look at the ways in which adults learn - basically, the different and most effective approaches to acquiring knowledge. With that in mind, the NCDMPH has launched the Adult Learning Academy.

The Adult Learning Academy is the home for our latest projects to apply, share, and model effective adult learning approaches to develop human capital in disaster health.

The NCDMPH encourages you to print off your own copies of our Adult Learning products to enhance your learning and professional development.

Tip Sheets

Conducting a Subject Matter Expert Exchange (SMEE)   PDF
Enhancing Learning: Beyond Traditional Training   PDF

Pocket Cards

Working with an Interpreter in a Disaster Setting   PDF
Effective Team Formation in a Disaster Setting: The First 15 Minutes   PDF

White Papers & Research

Capturing the Range of Learning: Implications for Disaster Health in a Resource Constrained Future PDF