Radiation Disaster Issues in Children

Radiation Disaster Issues in Children: A Case-Based Activity

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Radiation Disaster Issues in Children: A Case-Based Activity

Authors: NCDMPH Acting Director Kenneth Schor, DO, MPH and Project Associate Thomas Fitzgerald, MPH

"Radiation Disaster Issues in Children: A Case-Based Activity" is an online lesson targeted toward health care providers and presents a scenario in which an improvised nuclear device (IND) is detonated in a medium-sized American city. There are three pediatric case examples which highlight patient management. The lesson has a practical focus and raises awareness of algorithms and other resources that can be used in patient management during and after a radiological disaster.

The learning activity centers on the following learning objectives:

  1. Gather subjective and objective data from the patient, family, and relevant response authorities to initially risk stratify pediatric patients

  2. Describe the use of Radiation Emergency Medical Management: REMM (US Department of Health and Human Services) algorithms to evaluate a pediatric patient who may be exposed to and/or contaminated by radiation

  3. Provide basic safety anticipatory guidance to pediatric patients and their families

Release date: April 2014