Resilience Through Learning - Tornadoes

Images of Oklahoma Tornadoes

NCDMPH has gathered resources for health professionals for all tornados and related events. Originally developed in response to a level 5 tornadoes that struck Oklahoma City and its surrounding suburbs, these resources aim to foster resilience through learning as well as provide materials for educators. The National Center encourages all to contribute to "a nation of resilient communities" by educating yourself and others on disaster health topics related to tornadoes.

Additional ideas for educators who are teaching health professionals interested in learning content or activities related to health impacts of tornadoes may be found here.

Latest updates are indicated by under individual sections.

-- Background --

Tornadoes. NLM Disaster Information Management Resource Center.

Service Assessment: The Historic Tornadoes of April 2011 PDF . NOAA.

Tornado Cleanup and Response CDC, NIOSH: Emergency Response Resources

-- Resources: Health Impacts of Tornadoes --

Prevention and Treatment of Injuries Following Hurricanes and Tornadoes. CDC COCA.

After a Tornado: Injuries. CDC.

Guidelines for Field Triage of Injured Patients PDF : Recommendations of the National Expert Panel on Field Triage

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The Medical Impact of Tornadoes in North America. Journal of Emergency Medicine.

-- Resources: Psychosocial --

Tornadoes and Severe Storms. SAMHSA.

Children's Psychosocial Needs in Disasters. NCDMPH.

April 2011 Tornado Outbreak: Mental Health Resources. The Alabama Department of Mental Health.

Managing Traumatic Stress: After a Tornado. American Psychological Association.

Immediate Disaster Response: Tornadoes: Introduction. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Sustaining Caregiving and Psychological Well-Being while Caring for Disaster Victims. Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress.

Teachers Helping Students: Listening and Talking. CSTS.

Coping with Violence and Traumatic Events. SAMHSA.

Response Template Toolkit

Psychological First Aid for Schools (PFA-S). National Children Traumatic Stress Network.

Crisis, Grief, and Loss Resources for Schools. National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement.

Psychological First Aid  PDF  CSTS

Coping with Disasters, Violence and Traumatic Events NLM DIMRC

SAMHSA. Post-Disaster Retraumatization: Risk and Protective Factors.  YouTube 

-- Resources: Community Health Recovery --

Tracking & Reunification of Children in Disasters: A Lesson and Reference for Health Professionals. NCDMPH.

Rebuilding West Liberty, Kentucky: A Strategic Report PDF .

Emergency Response Resources: Tornado Cleanup and Responses. CDC.

Response to 2011 Joplin, Missouri, Tornado PDF : Lessons Learned Study. FEMA

Long-term Community Recovery Plan PDF : Greensburg + Kiowa County, Kansas August 2007.

Cultivating a State of Readiness PDF : Our Response to April 27, 2011. Tornado Recovery Action Council of Alabama.