Disaster Health Courses Compendium

As part of the NCDMPH's Academic Joint Program, we have put together a Compendium of disaster health courses available online at no cost.

The courses have been organized in terms of topics, including: Compendiium Cover

  • Health System Preparedness and Planning

  • Cultural Awareness and Community Preparedness

  • Baseline Disaster Response Education

  • Leading Teams / Building Teams

  • Disaster-Specific Education

  • Risk Communication

  • Mental / Behavioral Health

The following .PDF is Version 1 of the Compendium, which the NCDMPH plans to revise as the work of the Center continues.

NOTE: This Compendium does not constitute an endorsement of these courses as the NCDMPH has not evaluated them Version 1 of the Compendium of Disaster Health Courses - PDF Version